As the Comprehensive Businesses of Planning & Construction, we aim to plan and realize the Customer's Dream.

We will provide the best Value-Added services, which encompass Planning that originates in market research along with Business Proposals, Design, Construction, Civil Environment Management, Building Management and a support After-Sales follow up, in aiming at complete customer satisfaction.


The Innovation aiming State-of-the-Art Construction. 

Upon Tokyo awarded the 2012 Olympic, Japan is being in the preparedness to scope appropriate growth from deflationary era that lasted long.

The advent of a new age is signaled, the Construction Industry must innovate itself, either we try to keep Innovation aiming to forecast the State-of-the-Art Construction.

Our original "Factory Planning" involves to comprehensively provide Business Planning, Building Plot plans, Soil Improvement, Environmental Improvement, and Line-Planning, the Introduction of IT into Product Management systems, Communication Management system and Logistics Management throughout long years experience and performances to scope The Manufacturing-Development. 


Unparalleled Craftmanship titled "TAKUMI NO WAZA" Inheritance

From traditional shrine temples to pure Japanese-style architecture, we will continue to inherit the Unparalleled Craftmanship titled "TAKUMI NO WAZA" while incorporating the latest technologies with preserving conventional technology in our boasting "DAIKU-Carpenters" project.


Original "Underground Excavation-Tunneling Technology" with Nationwide Development 

Underground Installations - Sewers/Water Pipes, Rainwater Pipes, and Common Grooves - will be diversified.

We will engage in Underground Projects with Our proud ESS Tunneling as of combining Pipe-Jacking and Shield which minimizes the Tunneling Period, more reduce the cost than ever.


"Comprehensive Artistic Construction" "Abundance of Futuristic Beautiful Townscape"

We plan and propose "Comprehensive Artistic Construction" and "Abundance of Futuristic Beautiful Townscape" which will color the upcoming new era, and we will contribute to the happiness of people in Japan and the World.

We definitely feel that customers who want the construction-services should try to adopt us.


President Hirotsugu Nakagawa



Our management aims at the appropriate development of human resources



"ADEPTNESS" We will be adept in fully satisfying our customers with our Unparalleled Craftmanship titled "TAKUMI NO WAZA". 

"BEAUTY" We will attentively construct beautiful buildings for our customers. 

"SPEED" We will work at our best pace and strictly maintain set construction periods. 

"ASSURANCE" We will do our best to assure the Safety, the Durability, the Reasonable Price and the Maintenance After Sales of our Buildings for all Customers. 

"DEPENDABILITY" We aim to make our customers want to select our company again. 

Company Symbol Origin

Our company symbol is Hieroglyphic formation based on "中川" ("Nakagawa" in Kanji characters).

It depicts the land offering us gifts with three rivers flowing through it. The triangle in the middle of the symbol denotes one of our buildings. The large shiny gold object depicts the sun. Our planet, the earth, is given above the sun, which is almighty and bestows blessings on everything. The moon is depicted above the earth. The moon throws a graceful light onto the earth bringing moisture and a rich artistry to it. They also foresee the oncoming space age.

Our symbol has the meaning of love and the desire for development rising from the ground to the universe and a philosophy of harmony and advancement, with which the universe is filled, is then received back on the ground bringing even more prosperity with it.

The symbol represents our firm's desire for our strong will, love, passion, and unlimited dream power to be used in creating an abundance of beautiful buildings and towns that can be the foundation of a new civilization and thus make a contribution to mankind.

The symbol nicely depicts the commitment we make as Nakagawa Planning and Construction Co., Ltd.


Registration of Trade Name

Nakagawa Planning & Construction Co., Ltd.



Hirotsugu Nakagawa



March, 1966 



ISO 9000 series JQA-QM4704 acquired in April, 2000. ISO9001:2008



Registrations and Licenses

Specific Construction Permit
Permitted by Minister of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism No. (Special) 28-8117


Real Estate Business Permit

Osaka Prefectural Governor License (14) No. 8369


First-class Architect Office Registration

No.Osaka Prefectural Governor License "HO" 17379 


Main Businesses 

●Planning and design & construction

● Investigation, Planning, Diagnosis, Geological Survey, Measurement, Design, Supervision, Management and Consulting Services related to Construction Work and Civil Engineering Work

● Real Estate Buying and Selling, Leasing, Brokerage, Management and Consulting services

● Housing Business and Land Reclamation, Chemicals Injection and Design/Construction of Soil Improvement.

● Water utility construction business

● Design and Contracting of Facility Construction

● Seismic Diagnosis and Seismic Reinforcing

● Maintenance and Management Services of Land, Buildings and Planting/Pruning at Park.

● Construction, The Agent Services for Document Preparation and Structure Calculation, Supervision and Consulting Services for Steel Framing Work

● Geological Survey and Soil Improvement

● The Collection and the Transportation of Industrial Waste (including Transshipment Storage Service)

● Sales of Office Supplies and Furniture

● Worker Dispatching Undertaking


● All Services incidental to the preceding paragraphs


Head Office

4th Floor, Yodoko Dai-Ni Bldg., 4-2-15 Bakuromachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 541-0059 Japan 

Phone :  +81-6-6252-1123 Fax :  +81-6-6252-1124

 Tokyo branch

West 7F, AOYAMA TWIN,1-1-1 Minamiaoyama, Minato-Ku Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan

Phone :  +81-3-5770-3721 Fax :  +81-3-5770-3722 

 Fukuoka branch

1st & 2nd Floors, Confort Takamiya Higashi, 1-5-10 Ogusu, Fukuoka Minami-ku, Fukuoka 815-0082 Japan 

Phone:  +81-92-406-7371 Fax:  +81-92-406-7372 

Fukushima branch

209-55 Aza Otsuka, Oaza Motooka, Futabagun Tomiokamachi, Fukushima 979-1151 Japan  

Phone:  +81-240-22-8575 Fax:  +81-240-22-8576

Suita Branch

Room 501 Maida Bldg. 9-12 Hiroshiba Cho, Suita City, Osaka 564-0052 Japan

Phone :  +81-6-7220-3916 Fax :  +81-6-7220-3952


Itami Branch

Room104, Clover Heights Nishidai, 3-7-24 Nishidai, Itami, Hyogo 664-0858 Japan 

Phone :  +81-72-784-2317 Fax :  +81-072-784-2318